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Founded back in 2004 as ‘Hosting media’, Lithuania-based Hostinger has expanded to become a popular web hosting provider with around than 29 million customers today.

Hostinger is worth a look for novice and intermediate users.


  • Good value shared and VPS hosting
  • Decent performance
  • Quality cPanel-like site manager
  • No restrictions on website builder


  • Baseline shared accounts are very limited
  • Mostly covers shared hosting, no dedicated plans

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The company is rated as a good company while others are not happy at all with their service. For example, according to a customer posting on, read this:

Saifur Rahman Mohsin
Saifur Rahman MohsinTech Evangelist, Entrepreneur, Futurist & Egalitarian

Founder at Tempestronics2014-present

Studied at Campion Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School, Trichy

Lives in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India2015-present

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Which web host provider is better Hostinger or Namecheap?

39 Answers
Saifur Rahman Mohsin
Saifur Rahman Mohsin, Tech Evangelist, Entrepreneur, Futurist & Egalitarian

I’ve been using Hostinger ( business plan for my website and I’ve faced too many issues. I’ll be switching away this year for certain. Here are the reasons:

  1. The day I registered I did not receive SSL certificate despite it the fact that it was clearly mentioned as part of the plan. I had to write a support ticket and they guided me thro’ a process only after which I got it. I realized then that they don’t have any phone support or any other sources and support is only via tickets which they take a while to respond. So everytime I made a ticket I had to wait 12-24 hours to get response. As a user in business plan this isn’t helpful, because if there is a server issue I’ll have to just wait.
  2. Even though they support composer (hostinger/example-app) they do not have composer in their hostinger server. I could not install it either and had to search and find a CLI version of php (by default it’s not the CLI version). And then wrote an alias to make composer work (Error when install PHPUnit via composer on shared linux hosting · Issue #1513 · composer/composer )
  3. Even with ssh access you do not have the exec flag set. Globally, they have turned off the exec flag so you are out of luck executing files. In fact, I had an issue with this as I develop web apps in flavor-based model i.e. production, development, etc. and I usually set a bare repo on the production server to push to. Because of this restriction the post-execute hook which I set never worked. I now login ssh each time and manually checkout from the bare repo after every push. This is really annoying and I tried asking hostinger support and they said it’s not possible as it’s for security.
  4. They take security a bit too retardedly. One css file which I had was deleted after I deployed. This is an important file as it allows a code editor to run client side so that I can make edits directly by logging into a backend panel. I checked why it did not load and it was because of a 404. I manually visited the URL only to find this error:
    Forbidden: a malicious file has been detected.
    Detected as: Html.Exploit.CVE_2016_0108
    It’s a plain css file and is in no way harmful. Hostinger (AV) automatically removed this file from my hosting and so now I cannot use my backend to make manual edits directly in case of emergency situations or even just to code that way.
  5. Hostinger support persons are douchebags–I referred hostinger to a client via my account. Logged out and logged into his account to set up his hostinger and push website. The referral did not work. I dropped a support ticket to hostinger asking why. They said it’s a self-referral and so they cannot help. I told them I did it for a client and he asked me to do it since he is not a technically sound person. They told me to guide my client to sign up step by step. I buzzed him and asked him to set up via another email ID after clicking my referral link. He said he has no idea on technical details nor is he interested in it. He told me to set it up myself and the reason he is paying me is to get this done as he does not know / or want to do anything technical. In the end I did not get the referral and it went to waste. I closed the ticket–there’s no point to it.
  6. It’s not reliable hosting. I get several 502 errors and yesterday even my database stopped working entirely for all my websites (and client sites). I got couple of calls since all the websites as database connected. I tried to login and realize phpMyAdmin could not login. I tried setting up the web app again and it gave me an error that is wrong hostname. I dropped a support query and after 24 hours got a reply that the website is working fine. The database started to work then. I even had the same thing happen before to an entire website once. It did not reach and even when I queried in Down For Everyone Or Just Me it showed that the website is not reachable. I dropped a support ticket and after 24 hours they said it is working. It did not work for over 6 hours!So this has been like less than a year since I moved to hostinger and I hate it. It’s terrible hosting provider and when I think about it my last hosting provider GoDaddy (which I thought and believe still sucks) fairs much better than hostinger. I would not recommend anybody to go for hostinger. It’s a horrible service provider.